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Using your Aux input jack

If you have an 'Aux' input jack on your Volkswagen this guide will show you how to play your iPod/iPhone or other MP3 device through the car stereo speakers.

If you have one of these plugs, depending on the model, it'll be located in the glovebox or in front of the gear lever

You will need to purchase a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male stereo audio lead. This goes from the headphone outlet of you music device to the 'Aux' input. We suggest gold plated ends if possible to establish the best possible connection (See notes at the bottom of this page)

Press the Menu button on your head unit and then press the Setup button

Pick the 'Aux' option and ensure it is set to 'On'

Use the right hand radio control to go between 'On' and 'Off'

Now select the 'Aux-Lvl' (level) option and select (using the control above) the volume. We suggest '2'. Press the menu button to exit

Press the media button and select 'aux' from the display

Plug the 3.5mm lead into the headphone outlet of your iPod and the other end into the 'Aux' jack in the car

Increase your iPod/music player volume to maximum and control the resulting volume from the car stereo

Note: Audio quality is not as good as a cd or other direct input (MDI) device. It may only play through the front speakers on certain models.

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