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Repairing/restoring your auto 'one touch' electric window function

Sometimes the auto wind 'one touch' function may stop working on your Volkswagen. This is due to the control unit in the door losing it's memory of the top and bottom stop positions. This can happen if the vehicle battery has gone flat or been disconnected or if the window has activated the 'safety roll-back' feature. If it continues to fail it may be caused by the glass sensing tightness in the frame where it sticks in the guide rubbers. This is normal cured by applying silcone to the glass edge/interior of the rubber.

Watch our "How to" guide to reset your One Touch auto window settings or scroll down for the static step by step guide.


The auto 'one touch' function is common to most Volkswagens with electric windows


Starting from the closed position, lower the window, holding the switch down for 5 seconds once the glass has reached the bottom of the frame


Raise the window holding the switch up for 5 seconds when the glass gets to the top of the frame. The control unit now knows it's top and bottom limits and should function correctly


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