Warranty Exclusions

This information should be used in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions.

Warranty claims are excluded in a case where the claimed defect is directly related to the fact that:

1. The defect was not reported as soon as it became apparent or the repairs were not carried out as soon as possible.

2. The fault was caused by outside influences, such as fire, chemical or vegetation damage, flying debris etc.

3. The vehicle has been previously repaired not following the Workshop Manual.

4. The user of the vehicle has failed to follow the regulations for use of the vehicle.

5. The vehicle has operated long term in a country for which it has not been specified.

6. The vehicle was overloaded or used for purposes for which it was not intended (e.g., racing, off-road driving etc).

7. Natural wear and tear has occured.

8. Consequential damage to personal items, i.e., clothing, golf clubs etc

9. Consequential losses will not be covered, for example, hire car on any onward travel costs, overnight accommodation and loss of earnings or value.

10. Where customer modifications have affected the failed part.

11. Glass breakage where a manufacturers fault can not be proven.

12. Where a replacement part is issued under the terms of the warranty, that part will only carry the remainder of the warranty period from the original part i.e., an additional 2 years cover is not provided on the replacement.

13. An electrical or mechanical part that has been incorrectly fitted or set up using non-Volkswagen diagnostic computer equipment.

14. Any part incorrectly fitted by a person not appropriately trained to do so.

Your statutory consumer rights are not affected.

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