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How to bookmark this site to your Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch home screen

By bookmarking this site to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch home screen, not only do you get instant access, you get a nice Volkswagen logo to help you locate it quickly next time.

From your Apple iOS device, open Safari

Type into the url bar or search google

When the site has loaded, press the forward arrow button

From the list of options select 'Add to home screen'

Change the name to something like 'Genuine Parts' or 'VWGP'. Press 'Add' in the top right hand corner

Your home screen icon should now look like this

When you go back to the site you can use the 'Reader' button at the top to view articles in a clearer format

'Reader' view. You can then use the forward arrow to Tweet or Print the page and also 'add to reading list' to look at later

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